Paint By Numbers Instructions


Please note: painting by numbers kits is not completed before, please do not easily lose me. This painting is not a finished painting! It is a DIY painting that requires your own drawing.

Painting by numbers is now a popular DIY painting, painting is simple and convenient, the pigment box and canvas have been marked with the code, as long as the corresponding coding area fills the corresponding color number of the color on it. (Do not need any painting basis oh)

When painting, please be careful not to get paint on your clothes! Be careful not to get the paint on your clothes! Be careful not to get clothes!

Please use the pigment within 1 month, otherwise, the pigment will dry easily (The pigment will be placed in the freezer of the refrigerator to extend the service life.)

Painting Tutorial

Painting skills

1. Do not leave a gap between the color block and the color block,(when painting the first color, you can cover the edge line, and then paint another near color when painted over,)
2. Painting pen should not be heavy, paint the process of paint filled with a sense of the best texture. (Anime, cartoon, character face can be slightly fattening some).
3. When drawing figures and other patterns, in order to ensure the best painting results, the face area of the characters in strict accordance with the picture lines painted areas.
4. The pigment is easy to dry, when not in the pigment buckle cover. to avoid pigment solidification, painting process if the pigment is slightly dry, can be in the pigment drops 1-2 drops of water (no more drops), stir well after use.
5. Pigments that are directly configured color do not need to dilute from light-colored paint, such as white yellow and so on. Due to the coverage of the acrylic paint even if the wrong paint anyway, you can wait for the pigment after the dark coverage of dry modified.
6. It is recommended to paint twice the color light color due to poor coverage of black numbers can be painted more times, but to wait for the paint and then repeat the coloring. Pigment as thick as possible, so more oil painting effect, and try to maintain the same direction of stroke.
7. Painted paint, please pay attention to the color pressure color the color lines, and numbers covered to ensure the authenticity of the painting.